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What is Bodywork?

To me, bodywork is looking at and treating the body as a whole, not parts.

For example, if you work with me because your left hip is bothering you, one of my thoughts is to look at the RIGHT foot/ankle and see if there’s any past history or trauma/injury to the right side.

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I left the corporate world behind me in 2006 with an Major in math, and a MBA. I went to work at 24 Hour Fitness. In 2014, I went to massage school to be a better trainer, not intending to practice massage/bodywork. I had only received my first massage in 2009 and my first massage from a male in 2012.

The universe had a different plan. In 2016, I went to work at a local physical therapy clinic, as a bodyworker/licensed massage therapist. I enjoyed it more than I could have possibly imagined. I still love it today. In 2017, I fully committed to being a bodyworker. I did not renew any training or nutrition certifications, With the goal of having my own practice one day.

Bodywork can be ideal for

Post Surgical Recovery

After the body has incurred a trauma such as surgery, bodywork can be used to begin the "waking up" process of the surgical area. One way is by helping the body reorganize and reconnect that area with the entire body.

Muscle fatigue/soreness/tightness/relaxation

I group all of these together as I'm not sure we can experience one without another. Sometimes a relaxing session with light to moderate pressure (including lymph and craniosacral work) is all the body needs to relax and start to "unwind" and reorganize. Other times, more pressure/intensity in isolated regions of the body with movement is what is needed. Each session is different.

The body is like a river as you never step into the "same" river twice, you also never work with/on the "same" body twice.


  • 30 Minutes for $50.00
  • 60 Minutes for $80.00
  • 75 Minutes for $100.00
  • 90 Minutes for $120.00

The time you're paying for is actual massage time. When you pay for a hour long session, you will get exactly a hour long session. Most of the companies in bodywork charge for an hour, but only give you 50 minutes. I believe in being fair. My prices are not going to make me rich, and I am okay with that.

I do not accept tips. I belive its an outdated system, and I don't wish to be apart of it. I accept cash, Venmo, and most major debit and credit cards.

Same day and weekend appointments available. Contact me to schedule an appointment.

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